How To Attach The Domain To The Hosting?

Internet can be considered the largest information resource, so the vast majority of companies have their own websites with a full description of the spectrum of activity. It is the most convenient way of advertising and interaction between the service provider and the client. Advertising on the Internet is important not only for companies providing goods and services. There is absolutely everyone can make a site to promote their ideas, or simply communicating with other network users.

Only the internet can provide the maximum opportunity for users:

  • independent choice of content for viewing;
  • access to virtually all types of information: text, pictures, music, videos, and others;
  • possible not only to view, but also make various changes to the content;
  • real-time communication through the text of correspondence, audio and video.

Hosting and domain name

Each online resource has its own unique address and, or, in other words, the domain name. In addition, the content of a site must be hosted on a server that users have access to it. Service accommodation information of this kind is called hosting. And the domain, hosting and can not be bought forever, but they can be rented periodically paying a fee for the service. There are free web hosting services.

A domain name can be generated at special sites that have nothing to do with hosting, and therefore have nothing to do with each other. For proper operation of the site must be their “link” with the help of DNS-servers settings that have channels through which information passes from the domain name to the host. The main task of DNS-servers – convert domain names into IP-addresses and vice versa. This is done for convenience, because remember, and enter the address of the text is much easier and more convenient than a combination of the twelve numbers.

If not configured properly, or there is no connection site will not load, because there is no binding to the hosting. This stage is the most responsible, but its setting – the procedure is quite simple. There are several ways to anchor domain hosting, and each of them will be discussed below.

Today the hosting services provided by most companies that register domain names. At the same time, the hosting providers offer customers the opportunity to register new domain names, and this option – the most convenient, since it implies an automatic binding. There are also a number of web hosting providers that give a domain name for free, provided hosting purchase.

If the domain name was registered via a registrar (the company that registered the domain name) and hosting service is ordered separately, “link” have their own. To do this, make a few simple steps.

The first thing you need to log in to the hosting account and go to the settings of domain names. In the corresponding graph registers the name without the www prefix and type http: //. After completing the registration on the website hosting company to a specified e-mail address is sent a letter with a list of DNS-servers. If it does not, the information can be found by contacting tech support web hosting provider.

DNS-server found in the section Registrar’s settings. To do this, you need to go to the domain name registrar’s website, log in and go to the section “My Domains”, where the corresponding domain will be displayed. In the appropriate fields it is necessary to register the settings of DNS-servers hosting the selected data.

It should be noted that the binding does not occur immediately, and in many cases it is necessary for the correct operation of eight to twenty-four hours to the settings to take effect.

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How To Upload Your Website to a Remote Server?

Before loading website hosting, make sure that the provider of the selected tariff provides a reasonable parameters for the functioning of the project. Suppose, how to choose the right hosting you know the site is ready, the domain purchased, configured and bound, it remains only to start the resource. To do this, contact your service provider the following information:

  • information to access the site via ftp / ssh;
  • login / password to access the control panel;
  • access to create / modify the MySQL database (if necessary).

Depending on whether or not the provider Web-FTP services need to separately download and install the FTP-client. However, in any case, better to choose a browser version of the client’s inpatient program, it is more convenient and easier to work with. From free applications can be identified FileZilla, look for a link to download on the program website.
How to fill in for hosting static website?

Static sites that are not equipped with the administrator’s office, most often, are a group of files with the extension .html (.htm), a folder with images and scripts. They can be uploaded to hosting “as is”.

  • Go to the site through a Web-FTP or client application.
  • Select the folder to download. Download site folder can be the root, called html or in accordance with the
  • domain name (for example,
  • Drag all files site, as well as a folder with scripts and images in the folder on the host.
  • When files are downloaded, check the index file in the root directory of the site.
  • Test the site through a browser.

Council. Edit site files can be hosted directly from the control panel or ftp. In FileZilla edit mode opens a file via the context menu (right click).
How to fill in for a dynamic website hosting?

Dynamic sites are working not only with files, but also databases. And more often than database stored in MySQL. Therefore, before pouring site, make sure the correct address settings, connect to the database and access to it (the server, login, password). If everything is correct, you can go directly to downloading files.
If a site is placed on the CMS

Download via landline or Web-FTP client installation package of the selected CMS. Load should be unpacked in the root directory.
Through the browser make a step by step installation of CMS. Installation instructions must always be at the developer’s website, as well as a text file in the installation package.
Download CMS through the admin panel or control panel MySQL database dump site (content).
Through FTP protocol fill in the hosting folder with the project design. Typically, you need to load it in the Themes folder, but specify the paragraph in the instructions to CMS.
The site admin panel select to use downloaded in the previous step of the subject (Design).
Check the site through a browser.

If the site is self wring (written in atypical CMS)

Download via the hosting control panel or through the files in FTP-client site.
When files are downloaded through the edit mode correct correct addressing and access to the database.
Load the database dump with the content (if any).
Check the operation of the site through a browser.

What are the problems you may encounter?

As you can see, the download site on the hosting is not difficult to copy files to external media. But sometimes and in this case there are difficulties.

The most common problem when everything is done according to the instructions, but the site does not work. In this case, make sure immediately that:

  • all files are loaded correctly and are in the correct folder;
  • Hosting is available;
  • Dns-domain server is properly configured;
  • No error in the settings file database.

It also happens that the site does not load. This happens when:

  • wrong folder is selected for loading;
  • insufficient data transfer speed;
  • the server does not respond.

In both cases, it is important to make sure that the problem is not your lack of attention and call your service provider. If the joint efforts of the problem can not be resolved, then the easiest way to ask for cashback and find another hosting company.
Recommendations for proper pouring website hosting

Today, ISPs offer qualitative paid hosting at an affordable price, so the free analogue is better to forget immediately. Although, if only because a rare ISP that offers free hosting, support backup.

Another important aspect – the right of access to files and folders on the server. All fixed (not variable) files to better protect the resource from being edited by setting the appropriate attributes (read / write / execute). A CMS installation files and do better immediately after unpacking the system to delete permanently, otherwise this mistake can become a cracker box behind the scenes of your project.

Try to keep the boot sequence files while working site. Otherwise, already for the year, with periodic experiments with banners, replacement caps, footers, and other things, the resource could become a branch of the landfill. It may be necessary to pour to another site hosting, and if there is no order, even an experienced hardly able to cope with the job without losing data.

Migrating From One Web Host To Another

Poor quality is reflected in the hosting of Internet projects and, consequently, on the client’s income. Hosting is usually worth the money, which nobody wants to pay for unsatisfactory service. Due to the constant development of the Internet the number of web hosting companies is constantly increasing, and with it grows and competition. A significant role played by customer service – technical support, which are often unable to properly listen to the client and to take measures to address the problem. The parameters stated by the hoster, is also not always correspond to the reality that sooner or later will affect the reputation of the provider.

With the growth of Internet project grow and their needs, which can not always match the capabilities of Web hosting companies. In this case, change of hosting – the only right decision.
Finding a new host 

If your current hosting provider works fine, and is not satisfactory, but it is expensive – it should not be changed. As a general rule, a change of provider for the benefit of saving – losing option, which the client will sooner or later regret. Internet site or project is the face of the company, and spoil the image in this case is to anything.

Change budget hosting at the same cost of services is also unwise, because it is unlikely to bring the decision of previous problems. A small amount of overpayment will eventually be more profitable than to save on their own reputation. On the Internet there are many sites with real feedback about the host. Without attention do not leave, and experience of a company in this market. The longer the provider offers its services, the greater its customer base and higher quality of services.
Backup and download the information

The first thing you need to make a backup copy of the website. The easiest way – to do it via FTP, using the appropriate software. Website archive first, and then stored on a storage device. It is important to see to it that the directory structure remains intact, otherwise the website may not work correctly. If large project before you copy should contact the technical support team for advice.

Once the site is loaded, settings should be made:

  • configure the account;
  • set access rights;
  • enter passwords;
  • provide an email address.

Binding domain name

Run the domain binding will not be difficult, but if you do it wrong, you may experience problems with access. If you have any difficulties should contact support and solve the problem. In most cases, the changes take effect in a few days, so the old account is not recommended to be removed within a few weeks.

The final step before using the site in a new Hoster is to check for errors and failures. All links should work correctly, e-mail – to send and receive letters. The above functions may not work the first time due to changes in name servers, but if the process is delayed, it is necessary to find out the causes of incorrect operation.

High-quality skilled care – an important part of the service provided by the hoster, so if you have difficulties at first is to read frequently asked questions, and if that does not work, apply to the support. Hosting services cost money, and expert assistance is included in the cost of services.
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Setting Up Your First Web Host

Hosting – data distribution service on a server provided by your ISP. Last provides a place for the website and other resources, providing access to network users. Companies engaged in web development, it is helpful to be armed with such a service, as this will increase revenue and bring the service to a new level. To the business earned the right, you need to know a number of subtleties in this direction.
Select server

For a start will be enough of a dedicated server on a Windows or Unix based. It is very important to find a stable provider, providing high level of service. On prices also do not forget – the cost can vary. Many providers hold shares and provide discounts on web hosting, so you should sign up for their newsletters and promotional offers to monitor.

The control panel – an important detail when choosing a web hosting server, since it greatly facilitates the work of the administrator and, in addition, allows end users to configure e-mail, FTP, protect information with passwords and more. For the collection of user fees requires a billing system. To date, their choice is large enough so oriented stands primarily on service price and ease of use.

A significant role played by the safety data, and it should take care in the first place, in order not to lose customers. Using RAID-controller helps protect the drive from damage information, the more that both hard drives are unlikely to go down at the same time. When it comes to protecting against viruses or other force majeure, the system will automatically backup. Acronis True Image – one of the best programs made for such cases.
Receiving payment

There are a number of ways to accept payments for hosting sites from users, but first need to make sure that the chosen billing-system supports all these ways. Opening merchant-account accompanied by a number of formalities and documents. If a web site is not one, but several of them, merchant-account may be required for each of them. Opening the account, you must specify the primary site and the course of action, but it should first familiarize themselves with the rules of the companies that provide this type of service, in order to avoid discrepancies.
Support and promote the hosting

If the creation of hosting is considered as a separate business, to the question of technical support should be treated seriously, so as not to lose its customer base. If you have problems in servicing the customer is likely to want to call and find out the cause of a problem that it is necessary to explain. Receiving no response, the user will lose confidence in the quality of service and to change the hosting, which absolutely can not be tolerated.

Advertisement hosting company – one of the components of its success and development. At the moment in this area quite a lot of competition, and advertising will allow new customers to learn about the existence and the services provided start-up hosting company. There are several effective advertising tools in this area:

  • distribution on the Internet;
  • offers to customers who have problems with the used hosting;
  • to download the required software in one click;
  • special price offers and promotions.

Do not forget that the right service – the key to the success of any company. If the services will be provided without interruption, and the client is satisfied with the service, it is unlikely to be replaced by provider and is likely to advise his friends.

The site provides information for beginners and experienced Internet users and those who want to organize a successful business in this area. There are published advice on how to change web hosting, choosing the domain for the site on the WordPress hosting and much more. In addition, the site can check the speed of the hosting just a few clicks.

The Truth About Unlimited Hosting

How often have you heard the enticing offers from web hosting companies for unlimited web hosting? If you have your own web project, then you already have an idea about hosting and its importance for your web site. Hosting sites – is the basis for stable operation and popularity of the project among potential readers. We have repeatedly written about the fact that the choice of web hosting should be a site owner for at least an important part than the choice of subjects or web site design. Your attitude towards hosting should be built in parallel with the attitude to one’s own website. Trusting the choice of hosting the occasion, you can be great harm your site. Therefore, meaningful and informed decision about the preferences of a particular web hosting offer is to give impetus to the comprehensive development of your website.

As for the unlimited hosting, its advantages and disadvantages, there is need a special approach to the issue. And choosing the first available hosting company with unlimited resource, you run the risk of losing money, nerves and loyal readers of your project. Therefore, unlimited hosting choice, as the choice of any other type of hosting, should be based on some very important principles, which we discuss in this article.
Disadvantages Hosting with disabilities
But before proceeding to the discussion of the main theme, it is worth considering the possibility of hosting with limited options. Comparison of these two types of hosting (unlimited hosting and with restrictions) will give the user a clearer idea about what is more suited to his project and when necessary to reflect on the unlimited hosting options or yet to put up with restrictions.

Everyone is more or less a big project on a standard virtual hosting tariff in the history of the network at least once, and faced with the problem of exceeding the limit of resources. In some cases, the ISP hosting politely warned about exceeding the owner and asked to take action. And it is in the best case. There are some hosting companies which are categorical, and at the first overrun the allocated resource block client site, without prior notice. All anything, but these providers set stiff penalties, which often exceed the cost of hosting. Let us now consider what could cause your website to exceed the limit.

What are the limitations of hosting?

Limit the amount of data downloaded to the server. This is something that you upload to your site (audio, video, photo). When you want to upload to your site something “heavy”, the first thing you need to consider the amount of disk space that you put under the terms of the purchased hosting tariff. This imposes certain limits and very limit your opportunities.
The limit on the number of visits. Here we have in mind that if you go down to the site a large number of users a day (more than usual) hosting server can not withstand such unexpected influx of readers to your site.

Simply put, web hosting with limited capabilities will hinder the development of your project in the network, and overpayment for permanent resource overruns are significantly hit on the wallet.
The notion of unlimited hosting
Unlimited hosting implies an unlimited amount of resources provided by the hosting provider. No restrictions include the following hosting options:

unlimited disk space;
unlimited amount of traffic;
unlimited number of mailboxes;
unlimited number of hosted domains;

Unlimited disk space allows you to place all the things that you want to see on your website. This can be a video / audio files and games or flash content. Unlimited hard drive gives you the freedom when filling your project information, and you are not worried about that something may not be enough space.

Best Unlimited Hosting

Traffic – is the amount of information transmitted in the network. In relation to the visitor, which is delivered to certain information coming to your site, it is incoming traffic, and in relation to the server – outbound. Is under a lot of debate today whether unlimited traffic or is it a marketing fiction real. The unequivocal answer is not possible, since the “double-edged sword.”

Unlimited traffic possible in the event that the hosting company is the owner of broadband access to the Internet, through this provider offers unlimited bandwidth to its customers.

On the other hand, all traffic has the same limit. It’s all about the width of the passageway, which has a web hosting company. This state of affairs is calculated on what your web site will not be able to jump on the traffic mark, set by the provider. whole system “unlimited” In this and built.

But perhaps you and your project will be quite enough of this resource. For example, the average attendance of a sufficiently large share does not exceed 15-20 GB of traffic. And if traffic is still much to be exceeded, it is in your personal interests should consider the option of a virtual dedicated server.

With regard to an unlimited number of hosted domains and mailboxes, the possibility of unlimited hosting exceed customer expectations. With the help of unlimited number of sites created by the user will be able to expand its business by implementing new projects and thus attract more users.
Advantages unlimited hosting
In addition to the previously mentioned unlimited possibilities of this type of hosting, many ISPs providing it, paying special attention to the system equipment. Rating companies with unlimited hosting often have the newest equipment with reliable data centers. Also worth mentioning is the level of support on the unlimited tariff – it is always ready to help in solving any problems. And, of course, the user receives an unlimited hosting tariff freedom of action that allows, without looking at the limits, to develop the project and to make a profit from it.
Suitable for unlimited hosting?
First of all unlimited hosting suitable commercial projects and corporate websites. However, a small cheap hosting unlimited resources or even blogs NL can also come just right. Unlimited resources – is the perspective in everything: in the development of the site, in its filling and attendance. So, simply put, unlimited hosting will suit any site, from small culinary blog to the popular online store. The main criterion – it is the desire of the owner to develop the site design.

Also hosting with unlimited web masters approach, in which there are quite a large collection of sites, and their number is steadily growing. Then NL opens more possibilities in the management of these sites under one web hosting.
How to choose the unlimited hosting
unlimited hosting selection principles do not differ much from the principles of selection of any other type of hosting. Every webmaster has their own individual methods of selecting a quality provider.

Here are just a few tips from Host2Get, which will help you choose a reliable web hosting unlimited:

  • Explore the rating web hosts;
  • Get an overview of hosts;
  • Look at the user reviews about hosting;
  • Compare prices of different hosting companies;
  • Filter the company fit for you filters (price, location of the server, the test period, etc.);

All this and more can be found on Pickuphost site, as well as to measure the speed of web hosting with our Speed-Test application.
Leaders in the field of unlimited hosting
German web hosting as well as the US hosting offers its users a wide range of unlimited tariff plans for every taste and budget. Over the past couple of years unlimited hosting sales increased significantly. And it is quite natural, because almost for the same money that the customer pays for hosting the limitations, he receives the full NL and nothing does not deny.

Pricing policy providers is quite diverse. There are a number of unlimited budget proposals that both in theory and in practice is very high quality and reliable to use.

Below we present the top 3 companies according to Host2Get, which provide unlimited hosting. Without a doubt, each user is looking for unlimited hosting, select for themselves a profitable option.

iPage Hosting Web Hosting by iPage, perhaps the best option for the average size of the site and a minimum budget. The cost of virtual shared hosting is a very attractive and represented only one tariff. All unlimited hosting features are included in this one rate plan, plus the company provides free website builder for those who want to create a website in just an hour . Cheap unlimited hosting hosting big indicator of popularity – the number of customers, and they have iPage there are already more than a million iPage .Date centers equipped with the latest service equipment and ensure uninterrupted operation of hosting.

iPage is rightly ranked first in the ranking of web hosts due to the strong technical base and affordable price. Reviews and iPage web hosting review can be found on our website.
Inmotion Hosting Hosted by Inmotion considered quality and reliability of the company’s customers and even competitors. Hard to argue with that, because the company has extensive experience in providing hosting services on the market today. Inmotion boasts a number of innovative technologies that are designed to improve the quality of both shared hosting and VPS and dedicated serverov.kachestvenny unlimited hostingV Inmotion dignity can record the presence of SSD hosting accelerators. Other hosting also offer this service for an additional fee, but Inmotion makes it absolutely free, that is, low price web hosting including the availability of SSD disk. This makes your site up to 20 times faster compared with hosting on a standard hard drive. Price Hosting Inmotion slightly higher prices Ipage, but here you get a lot more optional parameters.
Bluehost hosting company Bluehost is considered a veteran of the hosting industry, it is one of the oldest companies of hosting providers. And where age and experience there. For long-term work with customers the company has accumulated vast experience and knows exactly what users want from a modern hosting. Bluehost is successfully implementing all the ideas of users and delivers professional level obsluzhivaniya.deshevy unlimited hostingDazhe in Bluehost basic package provides all the advantages of unlimited hosting at a reasonable price. Particular attention is paid to the quality of technical support. All issues are resolved quickly and fairly effektivno.Hosting optimized for Russian traffic, so for Russia and CIS countries hosting from Bluehost actu great option.

Unlimited Hosting – is the choice of each and every web master who takes care of the resource and seeks to develop it even in the face of serious competition. In addition, the unlimited hosting rate is convenient and reliable, it does not impose limits, for example, on the volume of downloaded information or traffic.

You can be sure that when you need an additional database, you do not have to change the tariff plan for the more expensive.

Of course, as with any business, there are nuances, this also applies to the unlimited hosting. It is almost unlimited, but still do not abuse the resources of the provider and rely on hosting dimensionless. Judicious use of unlimited web hosting will guarantee its quality and stability.

Focusing on the rating Host2Get user gets an opportunity to assess all the privileges of unlimited tariff, to pick up a decent ISP with a suitable price and feature set. All positions in hosting rankings are based on the opinions and estimates of hosting customers and depend on the stability and quality of past work.

What You Need to Know About DSN Domains?

Anyone who has ever experienced in my life with the creation of a web site is aware of the need to prescribe a list of DNS servers. For experienced webmasters, this article will not be a great discovery, but for beginners this post may shed light on certain DNS settings subtlety. DNS management is a very important component for many users, who manage their own Internet projects. On how to correct will be held DNS configuration process may depend on the performance of your web site. The fact is that the DNS changes are not visible immediately after installation, they appear only after some time, and to understand exactly where a mistake will be very difficult.
What is DNS?

Domain Name System (DNS) – a system that provides the domain names of their numeric equivalent. The Domain Name System is seen as a repository for the domains and their corresponding IP addresses. Each server (computer) has 2 main identification mark – a domain name and a unique set of numbers. The first identifier is peculiar to human perception, for example, the domain Second, numeric, for computer processing; the so-called IP address. For example, when you enter a specific URL in the browser field, the domain name system checks related to that IP address, and then directs the user to the correct page to him. In other words, the main task of DNS server is transliteration internet protocol (IP) into domain names, and vice versa.

All DNS records are stored on a physical server, which processes a huge number of requests every day. Once the user has made a request to the domain name, DNS server in just a few seconds processes the information and produces the desired results to the user. For preservation of the DNS records responsible separate category NS-servers. In turn, meet the 2 representatives of the NS-server. First – it is the administrators of domain zones. The second representative – either the hosting company or ISP.
Updating DNS records

When you buy a new domain name registrar company provides you with the control panel in a private office. NS server is registered by default on the recorder. If your hosting was purchased entirely different place than the domain, you can register your own NS.
Records Processing

The first domain of the registration information it receives to other DNS servers after approximately 2-4 hours after registration. Ideally, the site will start its work is after these 4 hours. However, on average, dissemination of information to other servers may take 24 hours or longer, then your site will be fully operational. The explanation for such a long delay in the data distribution server can be a factor in the frequency of updates. That is, the server is configured to update a certain frequency, for example, once a day, and because of this your site appears in the network only after the next wave of the system upgrade. In addition, it is worth considering that the site accessibility for different users may also be different. For example, if you see that your site has already appeared on the network, it does not mean that absolutely any user as well as you can see it. The visibility of your website depends on the ISP other users. In other words, you site may be available, but not yet for the other users, and vice versa. Each provider establishes own DNS server refresh rate, which is why users or even you will find the site online only after the update servers.

For each domain name, you must register at least two NS. This will provide a more stable work of your site, if one of the entries for any reason will not be available. Each entry must be spelled out very carefully. In order to register the server information in the domain, log in to your personal account and domain names in the control panel in the «DNS Server” tab list the your data. As we said earlier, your data will be online with a delay, so no need to panic ahead of time, and should just wait until the DNS server has once again updated.

In order to accelerate the process of your domain processing and to quickly get started with it, there is one way that this can be done. You must register line (xox.oxo – your IP and your personal domain) in the host file that is in your OS. The path to the file for Windows is as follows.

Add record can file under. This will allow you not to rely on server-side update records provider.
Assigning DNS records

To ensure the normal operation of the domain name you are required to ask certain DNS records for him. Below we consider the types of records.

A type of record – Designation IP host address. It is used to bind your domain name with hosting. Example entries: * IN A 87.12.xox.oxo. Where * – it is your domain.
MX-record type – designation IP address of the mail server. It is used for the delivery / sending mail to your domain mailbox.
A CNAME-record type – It is used for assigning host alias name in order to reduce or simply to communicate with host any function.
NS-record type – is used for domain name delegation, as well as to communicate with your domain hosting.

So, these are the main entries required for processes such as linking your domain with hosting, setting up e-mail agent domain name and other important processes.

Lunix VS Windows Hosting – Endless Battle…

Now more and more companies, for various reasons refuse to own a server infrastructure and prefer to rent virtual servers and use cloud technology. The first question that arises when choosing a shared hosting: it will be based on what platform? In most cases providers offer a choice between Windows- and Linux-based hosting. We can not say definitely that some of them are better and some worse. Before choosing the right decision in favor of one or the other, it is necessary to carefully analyze the following aspects:

Composition and tasks designed IT-infrastructure. It’s one thing when you want to hosting a small site of a small and quite another when it is stored company data base and run in the terminal mode, certain specific software;
used software and technology. Ideally, the IT-infrastructure of the company is built from scratch, there will be no restrictions on the choice of host. But if there is, for example, a ready and working site, database, mail server, you should think in advance about their correct compatibility;
Qualified system administrators. This is another important criterion, which is often forgotten to mention. The administrator must have sufficient knowledge and skills to provide reliable service.

Compare Linux Hosting and Windows can be on the following parameters:

  • Operating system used
  • The web server
  • Supported programming languages
  • Communication protocols
  • Databases and Database
  • Security
  • Cost of it
  • Availability

Thus, we consider each of these options in more detail.
Operating system used
The Windows hosting, as the name implies, is based on the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. In Linux-hosting is a certain variety, may use different Linux operating system family, among them there are both commercial (for example, Red Hat), and free their alternatives (CentOS, Debian, Fedora), extending under an open GNU GPL.
The web server

On Linux most commonly used web server Apache (the most popular and mass in the world) and nginx. Despite the fact that Apache is primarily used on Unix-based systems, it should be mentioned that it is cross-platform software.

For Windows usually use Internet Information Server (Microsoft’s proprietary software).
Supported programming languages ​​and file types

Given the choice between Windows and Linux hosting should pay special attention to the fact whether or not the use you have programming languages ​​and file standards. Both of these systems may well work with HTML files, ColdFusion and JavaScript.

If you need to run PHP, Perl, CGI, it is better to make your choice in favor of Linux. The Windows-hosting and hosting Rating Linuxsmozhet support website, written in PHP, however, may experience some difficulty with his performance and compatibility as well as all the same it is Unix-like environment for the PHP are “family”.

If your site is (or is planned to be created) by ASP.NET, then no alternative but the Windows-hosting does not exist, because the technology of creating a web application developed by Microsoft for operating systems of the Windows NT category and operates it under control Microsoft IIS web server.
Communication protocols

Both systems support the most common protocol FTP data exchange, as well as the telnet protocol. As for the popular secure access protocol SSH, the Unix-like systems support it by default (in the number of standard utilities are present client and SSH server) and to connect to the server is enough to cause SSH command. To host running Windows OSes have additionally install these utilities (usually OpenSSH as a server, and PuTTY \ KiTTY as a client application).
Database Management Systems

On Linux-servers most often used database MySQL. It is considered one of the most convenient and easy to learn, but is designed primarily to work with small and medium-sized applications. Linux operating system used together, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP language constitute the complex LAMP server software.

Of MS SQL only works on Windows, as well as a Microsoft Access database platform. MS SQL developers generally use complex and multi-functional enterprise portals and other projects with high demands on reliability.

Traditionally it is believed that the use of the Linux operating system guarantees a high level of safety, since for her there is less malware. In fact, the reliability of the system depends not only on the type of hosting, as the administrator of professionalism. With proper set up and administer the server will operate consistently regardless of which is selected platform – Windows or Linux.

Best Windows Hosting

Most OS Linux distributions categories and applications for them are freely available, which makes it possible to save a certain amount of funds. They also have open source code and can modify it independently, in accordance with their needs and objectives. In Windows and other products and technologies from Microsoft (ASP.NET, .NET Framework, MSSQL, IIS, Access databases, Microsoft Sharepoint) – a rather high cost, which is offset by additional services (regular updates, elimination of errors, technical support from the developer And so on).

Most providers in the market of Russia hosts offer Linux-hosting, because it costs less initially and, of course, the cost is more attractive for the client. Accordingly, a greater variety of proposals and a better chance for the client to find a suitable value to him, the amount of disk space, bandwidth, number of sites and other important indicators.

However, Windows hosting is also high ranking, they also have certain advantages (for example, for sites with dynamic databases) and service providers actively offer their clients. In addition, Windows supports a number of their own development by Microsoft, the use of which for Linux is very expensive or impossible.

Bottom Line..

When choosing a hosting is guided in the first place on their needs, goals, already available solutions and technologies, to check whether they are compatible with the selected operating system.

In general, and Windows-, and Linux-hosting has its advantages and therefore your choice depends on which applications, programming languages ​​and tools you prefer to work in a field you feel more confident.

The rating you can find and read the reviews and testimonials of the web hosting companies that offer a Windows-hosting, so and Linux-based hosting. in the “Platform” category To do this, in the left corner of the page rankings mark the appropriate filters. In addition to selecting the platform Windows / Linux, you can also pick up the hosting for the price, location servers, and other parameters of interest to you.

How Can The Hosting Effect The SEO?

The goal of any web project – is to convey information to a potential reader. In theory, everything is quite simple: to create a design to put on a website hosting, writing relevant content. When it comes to practice, the situation is quite different. In the minds of the site owner matures quite a logical question: “Why, in fact,” created, staged, wrote, “does not work and I have no one reads?”.

“Competition” and “search engine” – is a succinct answer to the question sajtovladel`cy.

At the moment, the Internet, there are more than hundreds of billions of web sites and all of them want to be seen – it is a competition.

Every site is hosted on a virtual server. The company is hosting provider customer sites in one or two IP addresses, ie, on a single IP can be a thousand or even more web projects. Search engine (on which, in principle, and depends on the popularity of your site) receives the client site as not very “reliable”, because in addition to the client site to the same IP address is a thousand other neighboring sites. The so-called virtual type hostel. All of these factors reduce the conditions of site indexing crawler and site goes unnoticed.

Of course, there is an option – it is a dedicated server with a private IP address, but it can afford except that a large commercial project.

Fortunately, technology is developing with surprising speed, and find a solution to the problem of ranking site in the network is not so problematic. SEO hosting for your site can be your lifeline in a stormy sea of ​​virtual competition.
What is SEO optimization

Before we deal with the concept of SEO hosting, it is reasonable to explain what, in the first SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – is the process of website promotion in search engines using certain manipulations to increase traffic to your online project.

When a user enters a query into Google, the system gives him the desired results and in your best interest Hosting SEO at least twenty requests. Because statistics show that the user is viewing only 2-3 pages of the proposed 1000. This is what is engaged in SEO: displays your website in the top positions.

SEO optimization consists of some important operations:

Analysis of key words / phrases. Based on the analysis of the number of search queries algorithm of the most popular keywords that are often used in the texts on the site.
Analysis of competitiveness. Recognizing the strengths of the project and improve the general condition.
The coordination of all the elements and the elimination of technical errors on the website. Almost any web project can not do without high-quality SEO. And one of its main tasks, in addition to promotion and optimization is to improve the experience and web experience of your site visitor.

Hosting SEO – This type of virtual host that offers designed for SEO tariff packages. SEO Hosting is preferred by those site owners who want to get high natural search engine traffic to your resource. This type of hosting also allows you to post all user sites on one account, each site will have its own IP address “C” class.

  • Available in version of the virtual shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server;
  • IP addresses of class “C”;
  • Regular backups;
  • The intuitive control panel interface;

Benefits of SEO Hosting

When choosing a SEO hosting web masters aim for at least the top 10 in the search results of queries, as well as a maximum – the first three of the search. Both options are very real for SEO hosting and skillful use of them.

With the tariff plan of SEO hosting client receives the following features:

  • increase in sales;
  • the full development of the web site;
  • increase in attendance;
  • conclusion of a site in the top ten on the first search page.

Many foreign hosting has long been offering hosting for SEO to their clients. Modern web masters are aware of all the advantages of this type of hosting, and most importantly, the advantage of unique IP addresses that are taking the lead to build search engine rankings.

Of course, SEO hosting can greatly improve your site for search engines. This niche of hosting services is gaining momentum in popularity among SEO professionals, and perhaps in the near future SEO hosting will be as commonplace as shared virtual hosting.

Will It Pay Out To Use SOHO Hosting?

In recent years, the development of network technologies has led to what many specialists no longer need to go to work every day in the office, they can afford to operate remotely. This primarily refers to the sphere of information technologies to employees: programmers, testers, administrators, content managers, etc. They could work on their tasks alone or collectively, while they have absolutely no need to meet anyone can be at home or do not be tied to any workplace. All they need for success – it is the Internet connection at a reasonable rate and a computer / laptop / tablet / other mobile device.

This is the concept of SOHO (Small office / Home office) – small or home office. Usually such offices category include those that have between one and ten employees working remotely (although this amount may vary depending on the type of project). It is the smallest of all small businesses.

In some cases, the term itself denote SOHO workspace (usually the accommodation owner of the business), where on a regular basis are solved workloads.

According to this principle it can work not only IT-specialists, but also, for example, owners of small online stores, marketers, accountants, lawyers.
Requirements IT -infrastructure SOHO

In most cases, the following criteria may be needed for the organization of the home or small office:

access to the Internet;
support its own website;
remote access software for communication with employers (eg, TeamViewer or some more specific);
a file server;
Remote Desktop for mobile workers.

There are two common variants of how to organize all this: you can either contact the provider hosting SOHO, or purchase all the necessary equipment on their own, to install the software etc. (And this is also called the SOHO web hosting).

Consider the characteristics of the organization, the advantages and disadvantages of both.
“Home,” the SOHO web hosting
what SOHONekotorye users for various reasons do not want in the organizational process of hosting engaged a third-party company (for example, out of fear for the safety of your confidential data or they simply do not need a lot of memory / traffic and they do not want so to pay for services hosting company) .

Indeed, for tasks that do not require large amounts of resources, such as support for small online shop, sometimes it is enough and the Web server that is deployed on a normal home computer.

On the other hand, at home hosting for SOHO model, there are several drawbacks.

Firstly, all work on configuring the server, expand the system, website, e-mail, you install the software, go to the administration directly to the office staff. That is, the administrator must either hire or spend on all these operations a part of their working time, which could be used to much greater productivity.

Secondly, not all problems will be enough power the average home computer, and more often used in SOHO just like that. You may need to purchase a dedicated server, and this is quite a significant initial costs, especially for small businesses. Rent server capacity needed from the company hosting is much cheaper and does not require such a large one-time costs.

Third, the performance of the office will be tied to the home server (and, as practice shows, small businesses can afford is usually inexpensive and, accordingly, are not very reliable models). If the server is unable to function, for example, when a power failure in the network, office work will be temporarily paralyzed partially or completely. In data centers, hosting companies usually provide protection mechanisms that exclude such a possibility.

In order to avoid all of the above difficulties, you can not deploy the server and the entire IT-infrastructure of your own home office, and refer to the hosting company. Now with the development of the concept of SOHO almost every hosting provider has a special tariff plan that focuses on the needs of a small or home office. Usually tariff name contains the abbreviation “SOHO”.
What can be included in such a plan?

Usually in the standard package, suitable for small businesses include:

1.5-10 GB of disk space on the server;
5-50 GB of traffic;
2-100 mailboxes;
2-10 GB of memory for storing mail;
one or more free domain name;
Control Panel (Plesk or any other);
access via FTP;
access via SSH;
web-analytics tools;
hour technical support.

In this case the initial costs of the creation and launch of the client system are minimal. In addition, he may at any time to switch to another tariff plan, if it will take longer, or, conversely, less computing power.

By deploying and configuring their IT-structure on the provider server, you and your employees get the opportunity to work remotely from any location. There are technologies that allow very economical use of resources of the Internet channel. For instance, RDP is the protocol. If you use this protocol, all process steps, such as working with a database server running on compute capacity and is actually on your computer or mobile device, you get the picture only deployed on the server desktop.
Five questions that should answer the owner of a small office before selecting a hosting provider SOHO

For those who for the first time is going to resort to the service provider, it may be difficult to make a decision and choose one provider and one tariff plan of the whole spectrum of the market.

In this case, you should ask yourself a few key questions:

What goals do you achieve by placing your site on the Internet. It will, for example, a site directory that is loaded rating hosting ingredients time and only rarely updated content. Or the news feed, which is updated every day ten times. From these goals on your site will depend on how often they are viewed by users, and how much traffic you will need.
Do you need a domain name for the site. Many hosting providers offer free domain names as a bonus to its customers.
What you need to e-mail addresses? One for the whole company, or one for each employee.
Does the nature of your business to the site were the images and videos. This will require more resources than the display of text that is updated from time to time.
Do you plan to expand your business in the future and increase the number of functions of the site?

There is a large variety of web hosting services, different offers, different conditions of service. You have to choose, based on their business needs. In order to facilitate customers to choose, Pickuphost team carefully selects the hosting company, moderates and checks each added user review, and based on this forms the independent rating of web hosts. Choosing a hosting Pickuphost – it is always safe, fast and convenient!

What No One Told You About WAP Hosting

More and more people today spend a lot of time on the Internet. The reasons for this may be very different: particular profession, social networking with friends, a regular reading of various Internet portals of interest.

Therefore becoming increasingly popular WAP-sites, they are often used along with WEB-portals. Consequently, more and more providers provides its clients with a specific online service – WAP hosting.

What is it and what are the benefits of using this type of hosting?
What is WAP

WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) – the protocol for wireless access to a network that focuses on the use of this mobile phone, tablets, smartphones and other similar devices. That this is its main difference from other access technologies – it was designed to ensure that it is a mobile device to have full access to the network (via WAP-browser that can be integrated into the software of the device or a SIM-card). While other methods of accessing assumed that the mobile device is just a kind of mediator between the PC or laptop and the network.

Based on the foregoing, WAP standard takes into account the structural features of mobile devices:

A relatively small amount of RAM;
small screen size (in comparison with a stationary computer monitor). If not for this limitation, and on your mobile device “placed” the same amount of data as well as on your computer screen, then there would be no need to develop the WAP standard and to create mobile versions of sites. But familiar to us Web-page is too large for the phone screen, so there was such a need for special methods of access to the network;
limited keyboard capabilities (both keypad and touch);
relatively low CPU speed;
small capacity of the communication channel as a whole, and the likelihood of significant timeouts.

WAP-resources tailored to the specifics of all this, so they are significantly different from standard sites in appearance and functionality.

The protocol for data transmission WAP information is transmitted in a byte-code (byte-code). This allows a rational way to use the channel, whose bandwidth is much ogranichena.ponyatie hosting WAP WAP is based on a whole set of Internet protocols, standards and technologies: HTTP, UDP, URL, HTML and the JavaScript, which opens up the possibility of experts who are already familiar with these technologies, easily master the work with WAP.

data transport models WAP and the Internet have much in common, but they differ only in that particular gateway (WAP Gateway) WAP is additionally present in the transport model. This gateway forms another intermediate link between the network and the client device – it converts information from the network into bytecode and back.

In fact, WAP hosting structure consists of three parts: the server, the gateway and the mobile device. WAP server stores information for client devices, which can be found and viewed by the gateway is an interpreter for the connection between the global network and GSM.
How it works?

It works like this: when a user types the URL-address on your mobile device, a request is sent to the WAP gateway WAP. He then interpreted and communicates with a WAP server is already using the HTTP protocol. Finally, WAP gateway compresses the contents in the binary stream (byte-code) and sends backwards on the mobile phone screen.

Without going into technical details, from the user point of view of how it works. WAP server hosting provides storage space for websites that are specifically designed for mobile users. When WAP-device connects to a WAP hosting, it notifies the server that need a mobile version of the site. Instead of sending files this site, WAP server automatically provides a simplified form of the requested page.

The protocol WAP leading role played by the notion URL, in this addressing model is practically identical to the WAP address in the Internet model familiar to us.

WAP uses a specific markup language WML, based on XML, but greatly simplified compared to the last. WML takes into account the constraints of mobile devices (small screen size, memory, etc.). To view written in WML sites from a personal computer, it is usually necessary to install a special addition to the browser.
Is WAP hosting secure?

Yes, as long as the program runs through a secure channel and protocol, the host at the WAP there is a certain level of security, which is called WTLS. It is designed specifically to work in a wireless environment, provides confidentiality, data integrity and authentication of users.
Advantages of using WAP hosting?

Through WAP hosting, you can get high-speed access to the sites, and thus quickly and efficiently view them, download applications, communicate in chat rooms and use other functions via their mobile devices.
The range of offerings on the market hosts Russia is quite wide, so it’s easy to choose the right price and on other modalities for their tasks. For example, a free WAP hosting can create mobile sites as training or for smaller tasks, and then, having trained in the development, has developed a more serious projects on a paid hosting.
Support from the provider. A very important factor, which means that if any difficulties with the site, you can get high-quality professional assistance from experts.
High speed to Internet sites. It allows users to WAP-resources receive instant access to text and multimedia information placed on the portal.
A domain name is a gift from the provider. If you decide to use a good chargeable WAP hosting, among the providers have a common practice of giving with a free domain name, especially if the provider takes a high position in the ranking of web hosts. If you already have an online resource (website, portal, store) installed on the WEB-hosting, you can quite easily and inexpensively attach to his WAP-site.
Create a WAP-sites – it is a relatively simple exercise that does not require much time, effort and other resources.

Restrictions WAP hosting?

Perhaps the main restriction should be called reduced compared to html, design possibilities for the developer’s site. So far, the WAP-site can not be used, for example, tickers, interactive multimedia, large graphics and other ordinary elements. These limits are imposed to use WML language.

With the spread of WAP-site, these drawbacks are gradually eliminated, the WML language is more developed and has already begun development of scripts for such sites. Currently, WAP standard is supported by all the leading network operators. WAP is supported by most wireless networks such as GSM, CDMA, TDMA, DECT and others.